It was often coincidently that Manuela Koska met the people whom she put in front of her camera and whom she interviewed simultaneously. People who are at home in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania. She didn’t limit this to “natives”, she rather included anyone who came from somewhere else and stayed, with their cultures, world-views, lifestyles and idiosyncrasies. She portrayed them all: The “immigrants”, the “foreigners”, and “natives”. An inventory of sorts, without judgement, without evaluation. And with the fundamental questions: What does homeland mean to us and how much value do we place on it? Who are we? What about our identity in this global world? Who is our neighbour? Can we, and do we want to, reflect? Are we wanted here? And answers. About identity.

What am I? Human! 

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Nationalities / origin: Mozambique, England, Syria, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Palestine, Thailand, India, Togo, Cameroon, USA, Cuba, Hungary, France, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Italy, Australia, Canada, Korea, Morocco, Vietnam, Germany , Nigeria, Dominican Republic, Finland, Switzerland, Island, Poland, East Prussia, Turkey, Macedonia, Ukraine, Israel, Ireland, Ghana, Colombia Portugal, Uruguay, Romania, Peru, Georgia

Contributors: Rafik Usta, Detlef Harms, Mohamed Dib Khanji, Affat Wafaei, Achini Alwis, Nawal Solh, Feliks Büttner, Donata Herzogin zu Mecklenburg von Solodkoff, Suthima Seehagel, Arafat Tchakpedeou, Valerie Kengne, John Carlson, Ramon Ramirez, Allie Haddi, Mahdi Hassaini, Meindert Zwart, Kelly-Marie Sullivan, Bruce Johnston, Mira Seo Park, Omar Daher, Naima Schreiber, Abdelhak Boudlal, Toan Buimanh, Laura Riemer, Asmala Musuf, Maria Clara Azor, Stephan Schrör, Jarmo Palomäki , Prof. Dr. Walter Baumgartner, Michael Tito Lüdemann, Ernir Erlingsson, Óskar Glanz, Ernisson Emil, Glanz Ernisson, Gylfi Ernisson, Berit Miriam Glanz, Claudia Bernstein, Irma Josten, Dr. Marek Fialek, Dr. Emine Aydil, Vaska Böhmann-Bedzovska, Lucy Piegholdt, Dr. Roman Dubasevych Julian Walsleben, Wally Berndt, Yehudit Bracha-Bachmann, Sarah-Marie Hanke, Robert Wreth, Robert Kyei, Michele Aquilotto, Carlos Ibrodo, Teresa Oalis de Cuesta Camejo, Nathan John Cornwell, Steven Benisch, Anita Kaegi, João Pereira Rocha, Arnold frd. Fry., Franzi Frd. Fry., Helmut Krenz, Lucy Gräfin von Bassewitz, Vasile und Victorita Condoi, Prof. Dr. Michael Succow, Hans Beu, Britta Kamrau, Ruben Cardenas Carbajal, Ira Rozenboym, William Wolff, Nodar Davidoc Djanaschwili, Petra Gorr, Ilse Schmidt, Helmut Horch