Hinstorff Verlag Rostock, 2017                         

…shows inmigrants and locals people who have a home in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania. Manuela Koska has taken their portraits and has also interviewed them. They are people who came from somewhere in the world and stayed here with their cultures, views of the world, their way of life and caracteristics. What is homeland to them and where is it? Where do they see their roots? The variety of the ones that were portrayed is sented indepentend to their origins,  skin tone, way of life, disability or way to look at life. 

62 portraits, 76 people, 42 different nationalities

It was often coincidently that Manuela Koska met the people whom she put in front of her camera and whom she interviewed simultaneously. People who are at home in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania. She didn’t limit this to “natives”, she rather included anyone who came from somewhere else and stayed, with their cultures, world-views, lifestyles and idiosyncrasies. She portrayed them all: The “immigrants”, the “foreigners”, and “natives”. An inventory of sorts, without judgement, without evaluation. And with the fundamental questions: What does homeland mean to us and how much value do we place on it? Who are we? What about our identity in this global world? Who is our neighbour? Can we, and do we want to, reflect? Are we wanted here? And answers. About identity.

What am I? Human! 


The photos were taken in 2016 and 2017.